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Web Design Examples & Testimonials

“I felt seen and heard by her”

Working with Natasha I got so much more than a beautiful, professional website that I love. Her step by step process gave me clarity in my product and taught me how to present my information in a way that speaks directly to my clients to anticipate their needs and speak to their hearts. Her feedback was specific to me and I always felt seen and heard by her. Natasha has a talent for asking the right questions and turing those answers into a beautiful, professional website.

C. Mickler

“Incredibly insightful and useful consulting”

Working with Natasha has truly transformed my business. When building my website, Natasha listened and asked questions until she truly understood my company. The website she created is amazing and her consulting was incredibly insightful and useful! I hope to continue working with her for many years to come!

G. Belson

“She’s like a creativity midwife”

Natasha offers much more than creating a compelling, beautiful website – she is like a creativity midwife who helped me birth what my offerings are with a long term vision, and an understanding of the large scope of the website creation process. Natasha teaches and conveys an educated understanding of what type of language, images and features will encourage clients to want my services. She was very generous with her availability and guided me along with patience and compassion, particularly in the challenging parts of the website development process.

A. Candell, MFT

“Website reflects the essence of my offer”

I consider Natasha one of the most creative people I know. In addition to designing some exceptionally beautiful websites for me, she guided me through the process of defining more clearly what my work is about and helped me to express that in image, color and text. The result is that many clients who work with me say after a few sessions that I match perfectly what they initially expected just from visiting the website.

R. Perla, MFT

“Methodical, sophisticated and strategic”

I knew I was in good hands from the very start when Natasha told me that her signature style in building a website is to create a strong sense of the client’s business as if being their portrait. Her approach in working with me on presenting my business was methodical, sophisticated, rigorous and strategic. Where I might have been very happy with a Mercedes, Natasha essentially built a Bentley.

T. Dale

“Aesthetically pleasing professional design”

Natasha is a brilliant website designer with a particularly good sense and mastery of aesthetics. Her website design presents my business in a very professional manner that satisfies well my need of representation to potential clients. Her copy writing was particularly helpful in taking what I could give her as words and creating what was appropriate for communicating to my audience. In my appreciation of Natasha’s creative and inventive abilities and her driven and focused approach towards her work, I highly recommend her services.

V. Seieroe

“The value of speaking directly to potential clients”

Natasha provided a framework that helped me define my therapeutic approach, my potential clients, and the areas of my practice that were important to promote. Mostly importantly, she taught me the value of speaking directly to readers and potential clients. And she beautifully interpreted my visual preferences and the feeling tone I was after. Natasha’s patience, integrity and relentless commitment to providing a quality product got me to the goal with confidence.

K. Leitner, LMFT

“Exceptional design, fast response and fair price”

Natasha is an exceptional designer in making websites easy to navigate – and beautiful! She gets complex ideas right away, and puts them into clear accessible presentation to make website easy to utilize. She has designed two of my websites, and improved the already existing third one. I would highly recommend her to anyone who wants excellent work at a fast response and a fair and honest price.

I. Wolf, MFT

“She held me accountable”

Natasha provided a business agreement with clearly outlined expectations between us. Natasha was flexible when my family life impinged on the website timelines. At the same time she held me accountable for various deliverables section by section. That was most helpful in working together. I did not realize all the time that is required to write professional copy. I like her artistic design, use of color, appropriate images to convey my professional image. Her distinctive voice is also pleasant to listen to on consultation phone calls.

V. Kunert, MFT

“Excellent grasp of the project”

Natasha has introduced me to the effective technique of client-centered copywriting by asking me to think about my clients and their needs, and to show how I could serve them best. In our weekly sessions, she patiently explained new concepts to me and answered my questions with understanding. She had an excellent grasp of the project as a whole and enforced consistency throughout. The final product is a work of art. Design and colors showcase my words more effectively than I could have imagined and images she selected to illustrate the sections are colorful and attractive.

C. Brett

“Crafting branding message of our business”

Natasha has been an integral part in the branding message of our business. We relied heavily on her ability to craft a look and feel that we felt best represented us to our customers and have continually received praise from clients regarding the look and feel of our site. From the simple yet elegant look of our logo to the flow of the website and color scheme we couldn’t be happier.

D. Powers

“Quickly understood our business needs”

Natasha was professional, accountable and easy to work with. She met us with insightful questions, listened and quickly understood our business and website needs. She worked collaboratively with us to ensure the end result meets our goals and created up to date, clean design that suited our brand. She provided helpful guidance on how to write copy and take photos for our website, and how to improve our search engine optimization. After the website was done Natasha helped us create an online campaign to generate website traffic, which ultimately generated more business!

L. Beattie

“Amazing job bringing to life our ideas for our logo”

Natasha did an amazing job helping us interpret and then bringing to life our ideas for our logo. She listens thoughtfully and then adds her artistic sense and flair. The end result was just what we’d hoped for.

E. Wood

“Guided me in a logical and effective way”

Natasha has done an amazing job working with limited copy and photos I could provide. She created a beautiful site with the perfect aesthetic and welcoming feel. Natasha showed me how to approach different factions of the audiences I needed to reach and guided me in a logical and effective way. She helped me understand the process of writing effective copy to present my business online. She was fantastic!

S. Cote